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Default Ohio HB 242 Rate Increase

I apologize if this was covered elsewhere. Last year a law was passed requiring manufacturers to reimburse dealers at retail rates. It seems to be the normal warranty rate increase type of process, but i was wondering what side effects there may be so to speak. Is it a smooth process? I know that there are not supposed to be, but are there repercussions? I have talked to some parts managers that said the parts rate increase was relatively smooth, but i have not actually talked to any service personnel that have experience in the process and aftermath. I guess i'm just trying to find the pitfalls before getting too far down the path. I am at a Chrysler store in Ohio as the title states. Any feedback and discussion is greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the Forum! I only have pre-BK pre-Fiat experience so hopefully other members will weigh in.
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You might want to call your state association on the bill or call other FCA (single point owners, not the big groups) and find out their experiences
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Thank you for the replies. I did call other FCA dealers in the area and spoke to the various service managers. None had any experience with this. I was directed to a couple of parts managers and spoke to them. I had not thought to call the state association. Thank you for that.
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