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Default Toyota provides funds to dealers to help Recall Customers

Automotive News is reporting that Toyota is providing between $7,500 and $75,000 to dealers so they can accommodate their customers impacted by the Accelerator Pedal Recall. Reportedly, a dealer who retailed 4,000 vehicles would be eligible for the $75,000 payment.

Based on what I read this is simply an up-front payment with no strings attached. Toyota's not telling the dealers how to spend the money, they're not requiring claims to be filed, it's simply a payment provided to the dealers asking that they accommodate their customers.

In my opinion, while it's still too early to know whether Toyota acted responsibly through-out this whole sudden acceleration crisis, I've got to hand it to them to have the foresight to let their dealers take care of their customers. No complicated rules with fears of a future audit - just a payment with a simple request to take care of their mutual customers.
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Great support for a A-Class company. When Gm or Chrysler gives a dealer some money we have worry about an future audit.

Any Toyota dealers opening 24 Hours to fix this problem?
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